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Partners in Housing is a proud partner

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Quotes from Partners and Children

"Shortly after Christmas, my sister reluctantly told us we had to leave or she would be evicted.  I was frantic, until I heard about Partners In Housing and got accepted into the program.  It changed everything!  This Christmas, my kids and I have an apartment of our own.  Even better, I’ve found work again, and my kids know they have a warm, safe, happy home!” – PIH Partner

“A little over a year ago, in my darkest hour, I stumbled upon a program called Partners In Housing. They took me in with open arms, offered me resources, cheered me on when I made personal progress, provided an apartment for me and my girls, and gave me every reason to have hope for my future. Today I'm moving into a new apartment and onto my own two feet. I can't believe the day has finally arrived. I will never stop loving my PIH family!” - PIH Partner

"Thank you for all you do for me and my children.  When I applied for this program I had no idea that we would be blessed with such a nice place to live but also the amazing support you all have for us when we are in need or when we have accomplished a goal.  I can never say thank you enough!” - PIH Partner

"[The PIH Program] gives the kids encouragement and gives you encouragement to open up and be able to express yourself without someone judging you.  There are resources and people that can help you get back on your feet and you don't have to feel isolated because of your situation." - PIH Partner

“I am thankful for Partners In Housing 'cause, if it wasn't around, me and my family would be in the streets.”

- child in PIH Program

“I would have never dreamed to enroll in medical training without Partners in Housing.  I graduated as an honor student as a Certified Nursing Assistant.  Now I have a career, not just a job!” - PIH Partner

“When I became homeless, I was beaten down, abandoned, and just plain broken.   In the PIH program, I began to remember my own worth!  Now, my child has a stable home, and I cannot express my feeling of joy!” - PIH Partner

“With my confidence and self-worth renewed at PIH, I found a new job. Thank you Partners In Housing for being there when I needed you most!” - PIH Partner

Statements from Donors and Volunteers

"Seeing what Partners In Housing does for homeless families with children has influenced me to participate to the fullest in their mission.  Through hard work and a determination to be self-sufficient, I have seen families transformed from being homeless to being stable, responsible citizens giving back to their community, and transforming other lives in turn."  - Ewell Muller

"I feel very good about volunteering for Partners in Housing because I know they offer a "hand up" not a "hand out".  - Sally Pearce

"It is important to choose the right charities that do the most good with their resources.  PIH is that charity for me.  C.S. Lewis said: 'The proper aim of giving is to put the recipient in a state where they no longer need our gifts.'  PIH does exactly that!" - Ken Willsey

"I have supported Partners in Housing for many years because I see the results.  PIH also truly appreciates their donors and volunteers as no other organization I have belonged to!" - Bonniegail Coleman

"It's easy to volunteer at Partners because their program is a concept that works!  The staff treats us with respect and appreciates what we do.  Partners in Housing has enriched our lives by allowing us to volunteer with them." - Stella Lively, PIH Volunteer Coordinator (a volunteer position)

"I enjoy working with the Partners because they are focused.  They want to make a better life for themselves and their children.  If I can help just one person improve their life, then I feel that this has been a VERY good use of my time. - Dale Mehs



Partners in Housing gives homeless families with children the hope and opportunity to achieve self-sufficiency through supportive services and transitional housing

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