Every Mother Matters



Who: 60 single moms with kids who are homeless and participating in our one-year housing program.

When: Mother’s Day – Saturday, May 13, 2017

What: Create a “family day” of fun and education on Mother’s Day for our moms and their kids.

Why: These mothers and their children have experienced trauma being homeless and many of them are coming from domestic violence. We can all provide support, fun, education, and hope!

How: PIH has two, large, beautiful conference rooms with fireplaces where we will host a special day for our moms and their kids. Our offices are also sitting on the gorgeous Myron Stratton Home with acres of green grass and trees that could also be where we host our event if the weather permits.  We need the community to provide flowers that the kids could give their moms on Mother’s Day and provide personal hygiene baskets for the moms. We have a free 1,000 square foot donation room under our offices and we want do a drive for pots and pans, towels, clothes, etc.


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Leadership Pikes Peak Proudly Supports Every Mother Matters