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Donation Room

Partners in Housing Donation Room

Our donation room is FREE to clients of Partners in Housing and Tessa.

Our program graduates are allowed to keep all the furniture and items they need from the donation room.
To make it easier for you to help our clients acquire the ‘stuff’ they need, think of them as a friend who has just moved to a new place and has nothing.

We DO NOT take small electrical appliances or TVs. Please bring your donations on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings when volunteers are available. 

We will come and pick up mattresses, furniture, washers, dryers, refrigerators, and stoves. 

We Need:

Beds and unsoiled mattresses: twin, full & queen only
Linens, Sheets, Bath Towels, Blankets
Clothing for women age 20-50

Pots and pans
Dishes & glassware
Cutlery & silverware
Almost any small furniture
Tables, chairs, dressers, etc. 

Paper Products and Hygiene Supplies

Paper towels and tissue
Toilet paper and diapers
Unopened personal toiletries
Period pads and tampons

Laundry Soap

Cleaning Supplies

Laundry, dish & hand soaps
All regular cleaning supplies


Halloween costumes
Decorations for all Holidays
Small Christmas Trees

Please note:  things we cannot use are generally too big or heavy to get into our small apartments.
Please NO king size beds, sleeper sofas, futons, over-sized furniture.

If you need help getting furniture/mattresses/large appliances to Partners in Housing, call Jane Flowers on Tuesdays or Wednesdays to schedule a pick-up at: (719) 325-5844. A tax receipt will be given to you when the volunteers come to pick up your furniture.

Please bring the clothing and household goods you’d like to donate to Partners in Housing at 455 Gold Pass Heights, Colorado Springs, CO 80906. Our donation room is located under our offices on the Myron Stratton campus (Hwy 115 just south of Lake Avenue). A tax receipt will be given to you when you drop off your donations.

Thank you for your donations!