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We give homeless families hope and opportunities, providing one-year transitional housing in Colorado Springs, and supportive services, so they can become self-sufficient. Services include:

  Case Management
  Life Skills
  Budget & Credit Counseling

Consistent employment is key to stability, so we encourage clients to pursue new jobs, degrees or certificates to advance their careers and increase earning potential.

All applicants are screened carefully and equally to assess eligibility criteria along with motivation.

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In the FY 2016-2017:
We served 133 households
– 413 individuals (269 children, 144 adults)

• 53% children aged five and under
• 82% single mothers with children
• 8% single females
• 75% experienced domestic violence
• 8% two-parent families
• 1% single dads

83% of households moved into stable, long-term housing.  77% of households increased their income and 68% improved their employment.

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Homeless families face more than just losing a place to live. Their crisis is often aggravated by the personal pain of domestic violence, job loss, or a critical illness in the family.

Often called the “hidden homeless”, families do not often show up at the places where the homeless are counted, such as emergency shelters or tent camps. Instead they are often living out of their cars, preparing to flee an abusive situation, or “couch surfing” day to day with friends and relatives.

Many of these families come to us with nothing and your support means these families can rebuild their lives. Please select above how you would like to help. Thank you!



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Please consider a monthly gift.  Even a small amount goes a long way.  Your recurring support via credit card or EFT (electronic funds transfer via bank account) helps increase the impact of your gift by streamlining processes and saving money.  To set-up a safe and easy automatic donation, please call Dianne Reitan at 719.325.5830.  Or use our online giving portal:

Donate Online Now

Using our secure online donation portal, you can make a one-time or automatic recurring donation using your Mastercard, Visa or Discover Card.  We take the safety of your online donation seriously.  The information you submit here will never be shared with anyone outside Partners in Housing.  You will receive an automated e-mail confirming your donation to Partners in Housing.  Please note, all monetary donations made to Partners in Housing are non-refundable.

Donate by Mail

If you would like to donate by mail, please download and print the Donation Form.  Mail the form along with your check or money order to Partners in Housing, 455 Gold Pass Heights, Colorado Springs, CO  80906.

Available Tax Credits for Your Donations

If you are considering a gift of $250 or more, please review the information below regarding available tax credits.

Robert Swindler

 Robert Swindler, PIH Volunteer Furniture Mover and Donor

“Once we learned about Partners in Housing’s mission and methods, we decided to make them one of the non-profits where we focus our support with both our time and donations. Making our monetary donations through the Enterprise Zone is extremely easy and provides us the benefits of not only the normal charitable donation deduction against our income on our federal taxes, it also provides us a very nice tax credit against our Colorado tax bill. It’s a win-win to do it that way for sure!” Robert Swindler

Enterprise Zone Tax Credit

You can make a $1,000 donation for a net cost of only $507 (assuming 28% tax bracket)! Your unrestricted contribution in the amount of $250 or more makes you eligible for a Colorado Income Tax CREDIT equal to 25% of your donation. Combined with federal and state charitable income tax DEDUCTIONS, your gift can result in substantial tax savings. The Enterprise Zone Program is a tax incentive to encourage job growth and contributions in our area.

Enterprise Zone Slide

Donations of $250 or more to Partners in Housing qualify for an 25% Enterprise Zone Tax Credit. If you wish to receive the credit, just follow the steps below:

1. Make your check out to “El Paso County Enterprise Zone” and write “Partners in Housing” on the memo line as well as the last four digits of your Social Security Number.
2. Mail the check to Partners in Housing at 455 Gold Pass Heights, Colorado Springs, CO 80906.

PIH will complete the Enterprise Zone paperwork and forward your check to the County. You will receive a letter from Partners in Housing confirming your gift within a few days. Your will receive your tax credit certificate directly from the county in approximately six weeks.

**Please note that the County charges a 3.5% processing fee on all Enterprise Zone donations. While the full gift is tax deductible, PIH will actually receive 96.5% of your total gift.

**Enterprise Zone donations cannot be made via credit card.

**Contributions of in-kind gifts or publicly traded stock results in Enterprise Zone tax credits of 12.5% rather than 25% as with cash gifts.

Learn More About Enterprise Zone Donations

The Colorado Child Care Tax Credit is Back

Under this program, donations made to PIH’s Child Enrichment Center qualify for a CO State tax credit equal to 50% of the donation amount.  For donations made in 2015, 100% of the total of the tax credits earned through contributions made in 2015 plus all remaining accrued carry forward credits may be claimed. As always, we encourage you to consult your tax adviser regarding your individual situation.

To make a Child Care Tax Credit Donation, just send your check to Partners in Housing at 455 Gold Pass Heights, Colorado Springs, CO 80906 and be sure to write “Child Enrichment Center” on the memo line!  We’ll send you the Child Care Tax Credit Form for your records along with your thank you letter.

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With the support of PIH I have a stable home again. I’m able to work and go to school, and provide a better life for my family. I’m learning to replace the words “can’t” and “if”, with “will” and “when”.

My plan for the future is to continue my education, so that I can provide a better life for my family. I want to show my children that no matter what happens in life, you’re not defeated until you give up and stop trying. Partners in Housing has given me hope for the future.

Amy’s Success Story Amy’s Success Story