Partners in Housing guides families in housing crisis from insecurity to stability, self-reliance and prosperity.

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Partners in Housing offices are currently closed. Our staff is still working remotely and we are still accepting applications at this time.

Applications will be available outside of our main entrance doors at 455 Gold Pass Heights or HERE. Applications can be dropped off in the mailbox to the left of our main entrance doors at 455 Gold Pass Heights or through email to After your application is submitted, we will call you to review your application with you.



Families make a bold choice to enroll with Partners in Housing. Beyond receiving one year of transitional housing, our families commit to:

• Individualized case management,

• Life skills training,

• Budget and credit counseling

• Career preparedness and placement

It’s not easy, but our clients embrace the opportunity to change their family’s future.

We provide our clients a transformational opportunity to better their lives, to change their family’s narrative and to open doors for a brighter future. We meet our families where they are in life, and guide them to discover their potential, by highlighting and supporting their strengths and skills while offering them new resources.

All applicants are screened carefully and equally to assess eligibility criteria along with motivation.

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Our Mission is to guide families in housing crisis from insecurity to stability, self- reliance, and prosperity.

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Families without a home face more than just losing a place to live. Their crisis is often aggravated by the personal pain of domestic violence, job loss, or a critical illness in the family.

Often called the “hidden homeless”, families do not often show up at the places where the homeless are counted, such as emergency shelters or tent camps. Instead they are often living out of their cars, preparing to flee an abusive situation, or “couch surfing” day to day with friends and relatives.

Many of these families come to us with nothing and your support means these families can rebuild their lives. Please select above how you would like to help – through your time, talent or treasure. Thank you!

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