Partners in Housing guides families in housing crisis from insecurity to stability, self-reliance and prosperity.

Annual Event

Partners in Housing, 2019 Annual Event

Galiant Homes Presents: Moving Families Forward. An Open House to Transform Lives, Benefitting Partners in Housing.

Thank you to all of our wonderful event SPONSORS.  (Please check out our sponsorship page here.)   

We are so grateful to all of our community partners that came together to make this sold out event a huge success!  Sponsors and individual donors are not only supporting the 60 families with children that are currently in our program and rebuilding their lives, but also have opened opportunities to support even more families moving forward in the future.  Our Partner families make a bold choice to enroll in our program and everyone who has donated has made a bold choice to join them in this transformational journey.  By investing in us, the community is investing in them!

The success achieved by our Partner families depend on many factors, but especially the thoughtful investment by caring and giving people in our community.  Thank you, again, for bringing help and hope to families right here in our community as they Move Forward out of homelessness.

We can’t wait to share more about how this funding  impacts the families in our program!


The Need:  Domestic violence, loss of work, an unexpected expense are just a few reasons a family with children, our city’s “hidden homeless,” come to us for support or assistance. With one out of every four El Paso County residents living paycheck to paycheck coupled with a shortage of affordable housing in the region, one emergency can lead a family into homelessness.

The Solution: With the right resources, families in crisis CAN move forward, but we need your help! In 2018 alone, Partners in Housing had 938 family applications and with our current resources, we were able to serve 121 families. Our goal is to expand our inventory of housing options, but we need your help to do so. More than just housing, with an 87% success rate, our transitional housing model offers families a wide range of supports to become self-sufficient within one year and offers each family served a lasting solution to homelessness.