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Donate to a Cause

Check out our list of cause buckets that support families in our one-year transitional Family Self-Sufficiency Program. You can donate towards welcoming families, repairing vehicles, moving expenses, and more.

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Become a Volunteer

Check out our list of volunteer positions and get signed up to become a weekly volunteer! One of the most valuable ways community members can support Partners in Housing is by giving time. Positions drastically vary, and we are happy to accommodate your needs to find the right fit!

Build a Basket

Partners in Housing accepts new items for baskets and bags gifted to families!  Baskets are put together when a family enters our Self Sufficiency Program, or when a family has completed their year-long stay with us. We also put together gift bags when a child is born in the program, or to celebrate the life of a child on their birthday.

To get the details on what is in each basket, how to donate towards this cause, or how to put one together yourself, visit here.

Q+A Presentation

Partners in Housing gives presentations at schools, churches, events, club meetings, workplaces, and more! Talks can range from 10-30 minutes based on preference, along with time for questions and answers. If you would like to have us share our mission with your community, let us know!

To get scheduled, visit here.

Get Involved

Partners in Housing is involved with the Affordable Housing Collaborative and the Family Solutions Collaborative, two local movements in support of affordable housing and a network of service providers helping families in the Pikes Peak Region. We highly encourage community members to invest time learning about these critical issues in our community.

To read more on this issue:

Leave A Legacy

“Who would have thought? I don’t come from a rich family or a big inheritance, but I have a personal service commitment, like so many people…and now I can make a gift I never would have believed possible.” Partners in Housing offers several ways to give by bequest through stocks, QCDs, Real Estate, and more.

To learn more about legacy giving, visit here.