Partners in Housing guides families in housing crisis from insecurity to stability, self-reliance and prosperity.

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Partners in Housing is seeing a broad impact from the health and economic issues due to COVID-19 on the families in our program. We are sharing one story of a family who is working toward their future.
A Family’s Story
In December 2019, Sarah and her 4 children moved into a three bedroom town-home owned by Partners in Housing and joined the Family Self-Sufficiency Program. Having fled domestic violence, Sarah was looking for stability, safety and a new start, as are the other 59 families in the successful program.
Sarah had training and past employment as a Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) and with the help of her caseworker and our employment advisor, and with her children in school and daycare, she was able to start work at a local nursing home. She was so excited to be working full time for a good hourly wage and to start a budget for her family’s financial future.
This young, hard working mom was proud to be paying Partners in Housing part of her income as rent and to be taking advantage of classes in topics such as healthy relationships, budget counseling, resume writing and other life skills.
Then . . . in March she first learned of COVID-19, and along with some of her coworkers, was sent home from work with symptoms. Sarah was not able to receive a test for the virus, though her coworkers did test positive, and it is likely she did have the virus.  When she started feeling better, she could have returned to work, however her childcare provider would not allow her children in as they had been exposed.
This setback has been difficult for Sarah, but she is trying to stay positive with her new role as home school teacher and under extended quarantine with toddlers. She has accessed the Partners in Housing pantry for diapers, food, gift cards and other needed items. Her rent has been waived and she has been assisted with an unemployment application, but the response has not been quick.
Sarah is determined to regain the progress she was making and is taking advantage of the Partners in Housing services. She states “the contacts with my caseworker, money mentor, and life skills teachers help me feel less isolated and more connected. I am so thankful I am with Partners in Housing during this time.”
We know times are tough for many, but if you can, we invite you to join Partners in Housing’s efforts to support this very vulnerable population by making a donation.

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Using our secure online donation portal, you can make a one-time or automatic recurring donation.  We take the safety of your online donation seriously.  The information you submit here will never be shared with anyone outside Partners in Housing.  You will receive an automated e-mail confirming your donation to Partners in Housing.


Donate by Mail

You can mail your check or money order to Partners in Housing, 455 Gold Pass Heights, Colorado Springs, CO  80906.

Robert Swindler

 Robert Swindler, PIH Volunteer Furniture Mover and Donor

“Once we learned about Partners in Housing’s mission and methods, we decided to make them one of the non-profits where we focus our support with both our time and donations. Making our monetary donations through the Enterprise Zone is extremely easy and provides us the benefits of not only the normal charitable donation deduction against our income on our federal taxes, it also provides us a very nice tax credit against our Colorado tax bill. It’s a win-win to do it that way for sure!” Robert Swindler


Starting in tax year 2020, you can deduct charitable donations up to $300 total from your adjusted gross income on your income tax return. This deduction is for people who take the standard deduction rather than itemizing when they prepare their return.




WHAT IS IT? A gift to Partners in Housing’s Child Enrichment Center offers the greatest return! Your gift of $500 or more is eligible for a Childcare Contribution Credit on your Colorado state taxes of up to 50% of your gift.

HOW DO I QUALIFY? Please donate a minimum of $500, payable to “Partners in Housing” using the enclosed envelope. Write “Child Enrichment Center” on the memo line.

WHAT IS THE IMPACT? Your individual or corporate contribution to the Child Enrichment Center has a direct impact on the lives of over 250 children each year AND it has the additional benefit of reducing your state tax liability.

WHY GIVE? With our current resources, we can only serve 120 families per year, but we receive almost 1000 applications every year. The need is great, but TOGETHER we can make a difference.



WHAT IS IT? Partners in Housing is eligible for the El Paso County Enterprise Zone, a 25% state tax credit.

HOW DO I QUALIFY? Donations for this tax credit must be made in the form of a check. Please donate a minimum of $250 made payable to “El Paso County Enterprise Zone” with Partners in Housing and the last four digits of your social security number in the memo line. Send your check to: Partners in Housing, 455 Gold Pass Heights, Colorado Springs CO 80906.

WHAT IS THE IMPACT? Individual or corporate contributions help 120 families in need move forward out of homelessness AND has the additional benefit of reducing your state tax liability.

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