Partners in Housing guides families in housing crisis from insecurity to stability, self-reliance and prosperity.

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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Partners in Housing!

Volunteers are an important part of Partners in Housing, providing vital services in almost every aspect of our mission. Volunteer opportunities can be once a month or once a week depending on your interest and schedule.

COVID Precautions 

At this time, we have several in-person and virtual positions available ranging in time commitment. We will be able to provide masks for those who do not have access, and we ask that you wear a mask for your shift when in contact with others or in common spaces. Social distancing is practiced at Partners in Housing offices, and we have sanitizer and cleaning wipes available at each volunteering location.

Household Volunteer Groups 

We are looking for folks who live under the same roof to volunteer together! This eliminates contact with others along with taking all other COVID-19 precautions. A household would be considered as anyone who you do not need to socially distance from, such as family, roommates, or couples. Check out this page for updated Household Volunteer Group Special Projects!  

In-Person Opportunities 

  • Data Entry (1X/Week, daytime M-F): We are looking for a motivated and detail oriented volunteer to value our in-kind donation receipts and input this data into our system for auditing purposes. This position will have access to a private office space and will be put on the Partners in Housing Staff schedule to reassure we are meeting all safety precautions related to COVID-19 (only a certain amount of staff are allowed in the building at a time). Data Entry experience is not required. Training shift mandatory.
  • Donation Sorters (daytime M-F): When donations arrive, it’s you who will thrive! Help us in sorting out which donations best fit the needs of Partner Families to make their house a home.
  • Donation Shuttle Drivers (daytime M-F): We now have TWO locations Partner families can shop for their convenience! We are in need of volunteers to shuttle items from our Donation Center on the Myron Stratton Grounds to the Colorado House and Resource Center. This position includes lifting well-packed boxes, placing them in your vehicle, and dropping them off at our downtown location.
  • Colorado House Helpers (daytime M-F): The Colorado House and Resource Center is a central location for Partner families for learning opportunities, and now home to an additional shopping center! We are in need of your help unpacking boxes delivered by Donation Shuttle Drivers, along with pantry food items, and setting them out for display. We hope to create a presentable shopping experience so that families feel dignified and cared for by our program.
  • Furniture Delivery and Pickup (M-F daytime and evening hours): We are in need of volunteers to pick up furniture from donors and drop-off at our Donation Center! Folks in this position also may deliver furniture to Partner families after they have chosen furniture. This position is the final step in making sure that families in the program have the ability to make their space their own and feel at home. At this time, our box truck is out of commission, although if you are interested in this position, we are creating a list of volunteers to pull from when we have other resources available.

If you are interested in making a donation to Partners in Housing, visit our Amazon Wish List to see our high priority needs.


Interested in the volunteer opportunities listed above?


Contact Jillian Birchmeier, Partner’s in Housings Volunteer Manager:  

(719) 325 5830 •