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Parish Bulletin Insert 2017

Homeless Families  – A Quiet Crisis in the Pikes Peak Region

Homeless families are nearly invisible in our community – living in their cars, sleeping on a relative’s sofa, camping in tents. Most led stable lives before domestic violence, illness, or job loss drove them into these desperate circumstances. Last year we received 1,043 applications for our 60 transitional housing units.

Started by Catholic Charities in 1991, we are a non-faith based non-profit.  In the last 25 years we have helped 4,000 individuals and 1,500 families.
 Last year, 90% of our clients increased their overall self-reliance!



The Housing Challenge is a perfect donor opportunity for parishes, churches, foundations, corporations, or other organizations. Please consider accepting the Housing Challenge by encouraging donations totaling $7,500 by December 31, 2017. Your support will enable us to continue providing one-year of transitional housing and supportive services including case management, budget counseling, and life-skills training to a homeless family in our community.


What Does $7,500 Do?

Amazingly, just $7,500 will support a family of four for an entire year in our program, including a clean, safe, furnished, transitional housing unit, support services and self-sufficiency training. Our team works closely with each client family to ensure they transition successfully to long-term housing and independent living as quickly as possible. The main beneficiaries of this program are the children who are able to relax, study, and enjoy family life in a stable home environment while their parents work on creating a sustainable existence for all.


Thank You for Your Support

By accepting the Partners in Housing Housing Challenge in 2017 your parish, church, foundation, corporation, or other organizations will be acknowledged at our Donor Appreciation Picnic during summer 2017 at the beautiful Myron Stratton home and on the Partners in Housing website. Thank you for considering the Housing Challenge as a parish project.


For more information on participating in the Housing Challenge:


Contact Dianne Reitan


(719) 325-5830