The vision of Partners in Housing is for every family to have access to adequate housing and to realize their full potential.

You Can Transform Lives

Ensure your legacy continues with a gift made through a will or estate plan. You can name a spouse, child, or organization as a primary beneficiary, or name multiple parties as partial beneficiaries to support several family members and organizations at your passing. Your legacy allows thousands more to build resiliency, strengthen our community, and find hope.


Types of Bequest Gifts


If you would like to ensure that your bequest will be used for a specific purpose, please let us know. We would be happy to work with you to help you identify ways to give and meet your charitable objectives. We will also work with you and your attorney to craft language to accomplish your goals.


Unrestricted gifts ensure the work of our mission continues, thanks to you. You can designate either a specific dollar amount or a specific percentage of your total estate.


A residual bequest is made from the balance of an estate after the will or trust has given away each of the specific bequests. A common residual bequest involves leaving a percentage of the residue of the estate to charity. For example, you may wish to leave 30% of the residue of your estate to Partners in Housing.


A contingent bequest is made to charity only if the purpose of the primary bequest cannot be met. For example, you could leave a specific property, such as a vacation home, to a relative, but the bequest language could provide that if the relative is not alive at the time of your death, the vacation home will go to Partners in Housing.

Please see our Bequest Form and visit with your accountant or attorney if interested! 

A Legacy of Caring for Others

“The choices we make in our lives are so significant, even if we don’t know it at the time.” Lee looked over her breakfast at an outreach function with Partners in Housing. “Who would have thought? I don’t come from a rich family or a big inheritance, but I have a personal service commitment, like so many people…and now I can make a gift I never would have believed possible.”

Lee’s gift probably won’t be opened for another 30 years, and Lee has big plans for those years – dreams that have not yet come into being. A full life will become more full, with people served and adventures shared, with volunteering and art and travel. But in the end, we all pass the stuff of our life – all the carefully accumulated treasures that accompany our daily routines – to someone. Lee is determined that it will not be Uncle Sam. Instead, she’s putting things in motion for the inevitable day when it will be her legacy, rather than her physical hands, that are serving and caring for others.

“There is disempowerment everywhere, but an individual really can contribute – with their money, their time, a letter to the editor, relationships – and things can change. The reason I want to be a part of Partners In Housing’s work had to do with the level of commitment your organization has to the families you work with – dignity. You treat them with the kind of tender dignity that is so essential…it’s an honorable relationship you have with your families, and that is something I really value.”

What will your legacy be? Join us in naming Partners in Housing in your will or estate plan, and create the gift of a lifetime! Whether it’s cash or stock, life insurance or property, your lasting legacy will help carry out our mission of ending family homelessness in Colorado Springs. Contact our Executive Director, Mary Stegner, with questions about how you can make the gift of a lifetime to help homeless families.


Other Ways To Give

IRA Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs)

QCDs made to Partners in Housing provide several benefits. Reduce your taxability income without itemizing, meet your IRA Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) obligation and qualify for generous state income tax credits– all while supporting the work you love!

  • Contact your IRA plan administrator to make your gift.
  • The donation must be made directly from your IRA to Partners in Housing
  • For more information, contact our Executive Director, Mary Stegner, at (719) 325-5831


Gifts of appreciated stock/securities may result in a tax savings for you while avoiding capital gains. Partners in Housing will gratefully accept stock donations. For more information, including how the donation process works, contact our office at (719) 473-8890.

Real Estate, including land, art, and other properties 

Partners in Housing is grateful to accept your gift of real estate, including jewelry, land, art, and other cherished items. Please contact our office at (719) 473-8890 for more information, including what items can be donated and how to make your gift, either now or in your bequest.

Are you including Partners in Housing in your estate planning?

Please let us know! We want to thank each and every person who has committed to changing the lives of families in Colorado Springs.

Key Terms

Beneficiary- Individuals or charities inheriting either part of or the entirety of your estate

Bequests- A promise of a gift of money, real estate, or other property you are leaving to named beneficiaries upon your death

Guardians- Individual(s) you nominate to care for a child or pet

Executor- The person(s) responsible for carrying out the administrative duties outlined in your will

Payment of taxes, debts, and administration of estate- Money owed after the time of passing to various governmental or private entities.

Codicils and revocations of prior wills- Alterations made to prior estates plans (codicils) or removing legal power of previously created wills and bequests

Contact Us

At Partners in Housing, we know these decisions are not easy and are often best made with time and through conversation and reflection. We are honored by the foresight and generosity of donors who make a legacy gift. For more information or help with planning, please contact Executive Director, Mary Stegner at 719-325-5831.