At Partners in Housing, we believe in transparency, accountability, and sound financial management.

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PIH FY 2022-2023

Income $2,655,741

Pie Charts- FY 2022-2023 Income

PIH FY 2022-2023

Expenses $2,750,775

PIH Pie Chart- Expenses FY 2022-2023
A Note from the Director

The difference between expenses and income is primarily due to in-kind rent pledge and deprecation. Partners in Housing ended the fiscal year with operating income over expense. Please see our Audit below for complete details.

Fiscal Year 22/23 (Jul. 2022- Jun. 2023)

Audit report  2022-2023
IRS Form 990

Fiscal Year 21/22 (Jul. 2021- Jun. 2022)

Annual Report 2021-2022
Audit Report 2021-2022
IRS Form 990

Fiscal Year 20/21 (Jul. 2020-Jun. 2021)

Annual Report 2020-2021
Audit Report 2020-2021
IRS Form 990

Fiscal Year 19/20(Jul. 2019-Jun. 2020)

Annual Report 2019-2020
Audit Report 2019-2020
IRS Form 990

Archived Financials

Fiscal Year 18/19 (Jul. 2018- Jun. 2019)

Fiscal Year 17/18 (Jul. 2017 – Jun. 2018)

Fiscal Year 16/17 (Jul. 2016 – Jun. 2017)