Mary Stegner, Executive Director

Mary Stegner has served as the Executive Director of Partners in Housing (PIH) since January 2012. Prior to that date and starting in 1990 when PIH was formed, she held the position of Finance Officer and managed the government funding programs and financing for housing acquisitions and rehab for the agency. She is dedicated to assisting the families most in need in our community in the most impactful way possible and making the best use of resources available. PIH also owns and operates affordable housing rentals, in support of low-income households, under her guidance.

Mary served on the Pikes Peak Continuum of Care Governing Board as Chair and in other positions within the PPCoC. In 2018, along with 5 other community members, she worked on development of the Affordable Housing Collaborative as a community organization to provide voice and action for affordable housing in El Paso County. As a service provider to families in need, Mary also is part of the lead team, along with other community leaders and Pikes Peak United Way, for the Family Solutions Collaborative, bringing together community agencies to better respond to and serve families in need.  At this time, she also serves on the Board of Directors of Impact Development Fund, a statewide CDFI and on the Board of Directors of Housing Colorado, the statewide affordable housing advocacy organization.

Mary lives in an “empty nest” near the downtown area and is proud mom to three daughters who excelled in Colorado Springs School District 11 schools. She enjoys Rockies baseball games, gardening, and walking in her neighborhood.

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