Abel Tovar, Housing Operations Director

Andrew Claxton, Family Caseworker

Andy Lettow, Family Caseworker

Carolena Jackson, On-Call Support Specialist

Celine Ankrum, Housing and Leasing Coordinator

Christina Colvin, Property Accounts Manager

Cheryl Nygaard, Data and Software Analyst

Dovey French, Program Manager/RRH-HP Program Manager

Eric Evans, Family Services Director

Enrico Segura, Housing Maintenance Coordinator

Hannah Blessing, Individual Services Manager

Jenni Cornella, Resource Associate

Jillian Birchmeier, Resource Manager

Kayley Weber, Grants and Web Presence Manager

Kimberley Jones, On-Call Support Specialist

Leslie Salinas, Family Caseworker

Mary Stegner, Executive Director

Megan Brown, Intake Assessor

Michelle Jackson, On-Call Support Specialist

Mayra Vazquez, Intake and Referral Administrator

Nichelle Taylor, CEC & Program Support Specialist

Rebecca Cordova, Certified Credit Counselor

Ron Smith, Housing Maintenance Coordinator

Sarah Seales, Housing Navigator

Shauna Jackson, Intake and Referral Administrator

Yvonne Kelton, Accounting Clerk


Barbara Harris, Board President

Keri Ellen White, Board Vice President

Brenda Lammers, Treasurer

Judith Barthel, Secretary

Dan Apricio

Bill Barnett

Andy Barton

Pam Bruni

Krystina Freeman

Steven Paul

Sharon Tunson

Bob White

Mark White

Brendan Zahl

Maggie Zamboroski

TBD- Past Partner from Advisory Council