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Angela's Story

Angela never thought she would be homeless. With a decent job, she was able to provide a stable home for her three children. When her landlord increased her rent dramatically, she was forced to look for another place to live. She found a dream home on Craig’s List: perfect size, affordable rent, and still in the neighborhood where her kids went to school. She filled out the application and was approved, so she sent in her deposit and first month’s rent and waited for move-in day. Unfortunately, the listing was a scam and her savings were now gone. Unable to afford a new deposit, she moved from place to place, staying with friends and family until Partners in Housing accepted her. Considerable debt had racked up in that very short time. “I was so scared to look at my credit report after that, but the credit counselor put things in perspective and helped me come up with a plan to pay down my debt and get current with my bills.” Armed with new knowledge and confidence, she contacted her creditors, made payment arrangements, and began working with a Money Mentor to set up a workable budget. At the end of her year, her credit score increased 120 points and was higher than it ever had been, meaning she did not have to come up with an additional deposit when she moved. “I am so grateful to the Money Mentor volunteers for understanding my situation and walking with me in this process.” Let us know if you are interested in serving as a Mentor.

Jane's Story

A recent graduate, Jane, came to PIH after losing her family business, having to send her children to stay with their father (who, in the past, had been abusive towards her), and moving into her vehicle by herself. Jane shared that she was terribly nervous coming to PIH to apply, having left her abusive marriage not long before and not feeling empowered to change alone. Jane was accepted and offered a unit large enough to fit her family comfortably. She did not have any household belongings, did not have any education past the 9th grade, and was saddled with debt from her failed business. After her caseworker helped her furnish her home utilizing the Partners in Housing donation rooms they got started on Jane’s personal goals.  She began the process to earn her G.E.D., met with our certified credit counselor, and began career assessments through the Work It! Program.  Jane earned her G.E.D. while in the program, learned that she has an aptitude for caregiving and paid off one of her largest debts. She was able to graduate from the program, move into an apartment that fits her budget as a full-time caregiver and establish her family within the community. She recently shared that she and her daughter are both applying to colleges and searching for scholarship opportunities and that she is loving sharing that experience with her.