Partners in Housing guides families in housing crisis from insecurity to stability, self-reliance and prosperity.

PIH in the News

August 2019

Michelle Karas, Editor of the 4 Pikes Peak Newspaper, writes about the Pikes Peak United Way 2-1-1 Service, and highlights Partners In Housing and our services. 

“The “partners” in Partners in Housing are families in crisis, explained Mary Stenger, executive director. All the families served have children, and 90% are headed by single mothers. In 75% of the cases domestic violence is a factor.”

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July 2019

Libby Kinder of the Gazette- Cheyenne Edition, highlights Partners In Housing 2019 Annual Event and organizational mission. 

“Renowned psychologist Abraham Maslow spent his career studying basic human needs. The need for shelter and food is primary before a person can begin to move on to other levels, including safety, belonging, achievement, and self- fulfillment. The mission of Partners In Housing perfectly illustrates the role this organization takes in not only meeting basic needs, but in addressing all levels with a goal of leading a fulfilling life.”

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July 2019 

This morning, Renae Roberts interviewed Executive Director, Mary Stegner & Steve Miller of Galiant Homes, A Colorado Custom Home Builder. Steve explains why Galiant has partnered with Partners in Housing to help Move Families Forward out of housing crisis and homelessness to a level of stability, self-reliance and prosperity! Steve also announces exciting news to support our goal to expand our program by helping us to expand our housing inventory!

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June 2019

The Colorado Springs Independent covers this important roll out of new legislation to protect renters. 

CSINDY.COM: Impending roll-out of new legislation could change landscape for renters

New legislation to protect renters is rolling out to include changes in application fees, defining the conditions that make residences uninhabitable and giving more time to pay rent before eviction proceedings begin. In a market where rent prices are soaring, families with evictions face even greater barriers. Partners in Housing’s Executive Director, Mary Stegner, adds “Sometimes they’ll have enough money to pay the rent, and their credit score might be fine, [but] that eviction is really an issue.”

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March 2019

Colorado Springs community members talk about the impact the lack of affordable housing in the area has on them, including one, now graduated, PIH Partner. 

“The housing market out here really is not a good deal for people,” she says. “It’s either roof over your head or are you going to eat. Which one are you going to choose?”

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October 2018

U.S. Air Force Academy cadets from Cadet Squadron 35 provide support in the PIH Child Enrichment Center. Read the full article at the ink below.

“Over the course of a few hours, children at the Child Enrichment Center in downtown Colorado Springs run, jump and play on a small playground with a group of Air Force Academy cadets, Oct. 4.

It’s a scene of happy chaos: a jubilance that spreads from the kids to the cadets, who laugh and hoist them onto their shoulders and chase them in a lawless game of tag. The moment is poignant for the program runners at Partners in Housing, an organization that provides homeless families with transitional housing and life skills courses.”

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