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“Once we learned about Partners in Housing’s mission and methods, we decided to make them one of the non-profits where we focus our support with both our time and donations. Making our monetary donations through the Enterprise Zone is extremely easy and provides us the benefits of not only the normal charitable donation deduction against our income on our federal taxes, it also provides us a very nice tax credit against our Colorado tax bill. It’s a win-win to do it that way for sure!”

 -Robert Swindler, Partners in Housing Volunteer Furniture Mover and Donor

El Paso County Enterprise Zone – 25% Tax Credit

Effective September 1st, Partners in Housing is excited to announce that we are now accepting online donations AND cumulative donations for the Enterprise Zone state tax credit program! Previously, a single donation of $250+ made by check was the only way to qualify, but now donors have the option of making multiple donations throughout the year as long as they total $250+ by year-end (minimum of $25 per gift) and have the convenience of donating online! This tax credit was created to encourage Colorado taxpayers to make contributions to non-profits that make improvements to the Pikes Peak Enterprise Zone – like Partners in Housing!

Important Note: For your donation to be processed efficiently and accurately, you must include specific information with your donation. Please reference the chart below to see what information should be included. Also, for those that give by check, please double-check the Payable to: line of your check. It’s different depending on if you give $250+ in a single donation or if you make cumulative donations.

How to Give and Qualify for the Enterprise Zone Tax Credit:

Donors that make a single donation will receive their tax credit certificate direct from El Paso County about six weeks after the donation is received by Partners in Housing. Donors that make cumulative donations totaling $250+ will receive their tax credit certificate about six weeks after December 31, 2021.

Child Care Contribution Tax Credit – 50% Tax Credit

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The most advantageous tax credit we offer is the Child Care Contribution Tax Credit which gives donors like you a 50% credit on your state tax liability! A popular misconception for this tax credit is that a donor needs to have children to qualify which isn’t accurate. This tax credit was created to promote giving to nonprofit organizations that provide quality childcare in Colorado. Partners in Housing’s Child Enrichment Center is a qualified program and allows our donors to have this tax credit opportunity! To qualify, donate $500+ in 2022. You can give by check or by card. Please include “Child Enrichment Center” in the memo line of your check or if giving online, select “Other” for the Designation drop-down box and enter “Child Enrichment Center” there.

Donors will receive form DR 1317 from Partners in Housing about 1-2 weeks after donating.

Need to clarify information? Give us a call.

Always consult with your accountant and/or tax advisor for advice concerning your particular circumstances. If you would like additional information regarding either tax credit, please contact Jillian at or (719) 325-5830.